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ISEOR's missions :

  • Technopolis: ISEOR First Research Enterprise in MANAGEMENT ENGINEERING
  • ISEOR is one of the major French research teams in Organizational Management : it has developed a fundamental management of the organization as a living entity (bio-management).
  • Why innovative management ? The environment challenges the enterprise through :
    . Emergence of new technologies
    . Globalization and development markets
    . Intensified competition
    . Diversification of products
    . Transformation of activity sectors and of the roles of company actors
  • The enterprise’s constructive response requires :
    Increased participation and improved dynamics involving the ENTIRE PERSONNEL of the enterprise at every level, from the CEO to employees and workers.
    Significant development of all company KNOW-HOW and HUMAN potential...

The Qualimetrics Approach

Continuing the commitment of the Research in Management Consulting series to recapture and revisit past works as a complement to our exploration of emerging trends, innovative perspectives, and new insights into the word of management consulting, this volume is a translation and modest updating of Henri Savall and Véronique Zardet's original work on the "qualimetrics" approach, initially published in French in 2004.

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Research center 1975-2014 : Key Figures, International construction of an innovative Theory, Genesis of The Socio-economic Theory, Training (socio-economic intervention and management ; tools and methods), Franchisees and technology transfer, ISEOR Certification, Public Management and issues with societal scope...


Prefaced by J.F. Retournard and introduction by the Bureau for Emplpoyers' Activities of the International Labour Office

This book « Releasing the untapped potential of enterprises through socio-economic management » provides evidence that
the link between social perfomance and economic performance is central to the long term performance of companies and organizations.

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Prefaced by Anthony F. Buono
Waltham, Massachusetts

This volume is a first for the Research in Management Consulting series. As research and theory building in management consulting have grown rapidly during the past several years, the series is dedicated to capturing the latest thinking from applied scholars and scholarly practitioners in this field.

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Contents of CDRom - Conference AOM/IIC 2010
The 2010 joint international conference on accounting, control, audit and cost management
faced with globalization, in conjunction with organizational development and change led to
the release of a CDrom containing 200 papers or so.

CDrom themes:
change and potential development, transorganizational change and territory, CSR, cost
strategic management, audit and governance, IFRS,and international accounting,
tetranormalization, research methods and performance measurement,control and piloting.

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Work and People - An Economic Evaluation of Job-Enrichment by Henri Savall

The reprint of Henri Savall’s classic Work and People, originally published in French in 1974, is part of the Research in Management Consulting series’ effort to look backward as well as forward in examining trends, perspectives, and insights –especially from different countries and cultures – in the world of management consulting.

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Contents of CDRom - Conference RMD 2011

156 communications (63 Francophones, 63 Hispanophones, 30 Anglophones)
Three assumptions to enhance the recognition of management research impacts:

  • Render more accessible academic publications in management sciences,
  • Enhance the impacts of our research outcomes
  • Going forward in sub-disciplines of management sciences

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Contents of CDRom - Conference ODC 2012

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