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Revue "Recherches en Sciences de Gestion - Management Sciences - Ciencias de Gestión" - ISBN 2259-6372
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Change Fatigue (ENERVATIVE CHANGE ON JOB SATISFACTION): The Impact of Enervative Change on Job Satisfaction

Résumé :

Leaders today face a macro-environment filled with an
unprecedented level of active “stressors” (e.g. technological
advancement, increased globalization, nomadic workforce, economic
shifts, increased competition, increase in overall pace, increased
diversity). The presence of these macro-environmental stressors
suggests that most organizations will have to adjust (change) to meet
these conditions in such a manner that will either be continuous or so
frequent as to seem continuous.

par Dr. Richard Dool
Seton Hall University


Sustainability Reports as a key tool for communication
improvement in the Spanish Port System

Résumé :

In the coming years, the economic management of production,
distribution and services systems will be highly influenced by the
requisition of sustainability criteria, both in formulating strategies
and establishing environmental policies.
This work describes how to improve Spanish general interest ports
management communication in this field, with the aim of satisfying the
requirements of a large variety of stakeholders groups through the
development of a “Sustainability Reporting Guide for the Spanish
Port Sector”, bearing in mind the unavoidable commitment with
keeping environmental protection and conservation standards at due
level responsibility of the port. This way, the ports could offer
information one step further of economic and financing data already provided, incorporating also environmental and social aspects. A
wide range of concrete guidelines and recommendations are
proposed, aiming to facilitate the reporting elaboration process.

par Cristina Crespo Soler
Universidad de Valencia –Departamento de Contabilidad.
Facultad de Economía. Universidad de Valencia (España)
Juan Manuel Díez Orejas
Jefe Departamento Políticas Ambientales
Autoridad Portuaria Valencia (España)
Arturo Giner Fillol
Directore Económico-Financiéro
Autoridad Portuaria Valencia (España)
Vicente Ripoll Feliu
Universidad de Valencia –
Departamento de Contabilidad. Facultad de Economía.
Universidad de Valencia (España)


Aesthetic Practice: The Power of Artistic Expression to
Transform Organizations

Résumé :

This paper explores a case study investigating a new approach to
organization development called Aesthetic Practice. Aesthetic
Practice is a process in which artistic media are used to engage
organizational members in collaborative learning, sensemaking and
change. Aesthetic Practice is developed by drawing on the synergy
between four established theoretical streams: artistic integration, the
expansive qualities of metaphor, collective co-creation, and
experiential learning. The outcomes of the intervention are also
analyzed, both in a theoretical sense for their usefulness and value
and with regard to practical application in the case. This paper
discusses six outcomes from the use of aesthetic practice, including,
sensemaking, embracing complexity, articulation of values, creating
shared vision, expression of organizational emotion, and
breakthroughs in knowledge.

par Debra Orr, Ph.D.
Roosevelt University


An Invitation to Ethnostatistics

Résumé :

This paper provides an introduction to ethnostatistics, the
scholarly field that explores how statistics are actually produced and
used by professionals. The paper distinguishes ethnostatistics from
statistics and describes 3 levels of ethnostatistical inquiry – producing
a statistic, statistics at work and the rhetoric of statistics. The paper
explains the value of ethnnostatistics to management research. The
relevance of ethnostatistics to qualimetrics is also discussed. Future
issues for ethnostatistical research are addressed.

par Robert P. Gephart, Jr.
University of Alberta School of Business
Roger S. Smith
Professor of Business
University of Alberta School of Business


Innovation, Product Development, and
New Business Models in Networks:
How to come from case studies to a valid
and operational theory

Résumé :

This article develops epistemological and methodological thoughts
drawing on a research scheme focused on an inter-organizational
network. This document draws on the concepts of innovation and
networks in the case of an innovation case study involving a variety of
stakeholders. Then, authors questions the validity of results based
only on one case study.

par Erik S. Rasmussen, PhD
Associate Professor University of Southern Denmark
Jacob Høj Jørgensen
PhD student
René Chester Goduscheit
PhD student
Aalborg University,
Carsten Bergenholtz
PhD Student
CORE, Department of Management
Aarhus School of Business,
University of Aarhus Denmark





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