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Revue "Recherches en Sciences de Gestion - Management Sciences - Ciencias de Gestión" - ISBN 2259-6372
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Inter-entrepreneurial management for
environmental innovation.

Résumé :

In the current context of economic and environmental crisis, it
becomes an obligation for companies to exploit innovation
opportunities to achieve greater efficiency. Nowadays many
companies are adopting environmental management policies aimed at
innovation and some of them seek international cooperation to
advance business faster.
This article has retrieved concepts of: innovation, environmental
innovation, inter-firm cooperation and waste management, then we
analyze the possibility of creating a cooperation strategy between the
companies located in the Toluca Valley for the creation of a "subproducts
´ bag" that will help to manage the waste obtained as a result
of industrial processes, which would be recycled subsequently.
The last comments reveal that there´s an existing potential market
for the recycling of industrial waste in the State of Mexico, because there is a critical mass and favorable geographical conditions to
energize and bring advantages in the local industry.

par Graciela Carrillo González
Professor and Researcher.
Chief of the Section Analysis and Socioeconomic
Management of Organizations - UAM-Xochimilco
Raúl Hernández Mar
PHD Student in Social Sciences - UAM Xochimilco


Weaving Contentment: Ethnic Minority Women
at Work In New Zealand

Résumé :

Ethnic minority women are challenged by many facets in their
working lives, including visible diversity discriminators such as
colour, accent, mannerisms and modes of dress, along with
underemployment, institutional discrimination and discursive
othering. This qualitative study provides a space to explore the lived
experiences of Indian women migrants in New Zealand with specific
reference to the role of work in experiencing contentment in the host
country. With many Western nations becoming older and browner,
this study presents information to enhance the understanding and
application of processes that move beyond a numbers game for the
care-full and mind-full incorporation and development of ethnic
minority women at work.

par Edwina Pio
Associate Professor
AUT University, Auckland, New Zealand
Visiting Professor
Boston College, Boston, USA


Preparing Physician Leaders: A Model for the
Learned Professions

Résumé :

With the changes in US health care, physicians need to join with
administrators to be leaders in health care organizations. A model for
physician leadership education was developed, and in a positivistic
case study the model is supported. Quantitative and qualitative
research methods were used in gathering and analyzing data. The
study supports the validity of the model. Outcomes of the educational
approach include better ability of physicians to participate in health
care leadership, and also benefits for the quality of life for the
physicians and their families. The findings may apply to other of the
learned professions.

par John P. Conbere
EdD, Professor, University of St. Thomas USA
Alla Heorhiadi
PhD, EdD, Professor, University of St. Thomas USA
Brian Campion
MD, MPA, Research Fellow
University of St. Thomas USA
James Brown
PhD, Professor, University of Minnesota USA


New ways of organization. An organizational
change process

Résumé :

People acts according to the way that the interpersonal relationship
is given, in the case of the organizations, the relationship is given
between pairs, between superiors and between subordinates. The
organizational structure will determine the way in which the
communication is established, in regards to the rank. When in an
organization the structure is not well defined, a bad communication is
generated and this might cause serious conflicts, which will be
emphasized by questions inherent to the lack of measure tools, as
happens in the case studied.

par Claudia González Pérez
Professor - Researcher.
Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana – Xochimilco
Silvia Pomar Fernández
Professor - Researcher.
Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana - Xochimilco


Model and culture creators of innovation in

Résumé :

The innovative enterprise requires certain internal environment
(creator of knowledge), an external environment (interaction with the
National System of Innovation), and a strategic thinking of managers
or leaders in organizations who are able to create and develop a
culture of continuous innovation. The process of innovation for the
“Synthesis and Purification of Substances derived from
antiepileptics” in a Mexican public university with the model of
Nonaka and Takeuchi is analyzed in this article.

par Hilda Teresa Ramírez Alcántara
Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana-Xochimilco





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