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Revue "Recherches en Sciences de Gestion - Management Sciences - Ciencias de Gestión" - ISBN 2259-6372
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Going global: U.S.–based SMEs’ change imperatives

Résumé :

U.S. economic growth depends upon export business of small to
medium-sized enterprises (SME). SMEs have significant expansion
opportunities in emerging market countries, which have not been
leveraged. Constrained by external tariff and non-tariff trade barriers,
organizational impediments add to the resistance of their leaders to
launch businesses primarily outside regional markets. U.S. SMEs’
trade activity is profiled, describing external and internal barriers
inhibiting export growth to emerging economies. Applying the Socio-Economic Approach to Management model is considered as a change
intervention strategy.

par Denise M. Lucy, Ed.D.
School of Business and Leadership
Dominican University of California
(United States of America)
Francoise O. Lepage, Ph.D.
School of Business and Leadership
Dominican University of California
(United States of America)
Jayati Ghosh, Ph.D.
School of Business and Leadership
Dominican University of California
(United States of America)



Regulation and corporate governance. Role of deficiencies of boards in the bankruptcy of industrial and commercial
crown corporations

Résumé :

Do the boards of directors play a role in the collapse of public
industrial and commercial organizations? Data about organizational
life were collected in 34 state companies in receivership to estimate
the role of two dimensions of the boards of directors’ weaknesses,
namely dysfunction and structural inadequacy, in the performance of
these public organizations The results are that when the influences of
other determinants are held constant, boards of directors’ weaknesses
have a significant negative role in organizational viability.

par Walter Gerard Amedzro St-Hilaire, Ph.D
Part-time professor (University of Ottawa)
Researcher (HEC-Montreal)
Researcher (ENAP-Québec)


The call provision of convertible bonds: a review
of the literature

Résumé :

This paper is a survey of the main theoretical and empirical
studies of the call provision of convertible debt. The agency and
signalling theories enable an understanding of the insertion of the call
covenant in a bond contract, and the stock price reaction at the
callable convertible bond issue and at the call announcement.

par Christine Maati-Sauvez
Maître de conférences
Univ Lille Nord de France, F-59000 Lille, France
UVHC, IDP, F-59313 Valenciennes, France


The interest of socio-economic management policy in
the budgetary system functions

Résumé :

Against a particularly unstable economic backdrop, listed
companies have to contend with financial maximization imperatives
that refocus budgetary system operations onto performance
assessment  and away from advisory-role missions. Furthermore,
operations business controllers are not given sufficient latitude to
commitedly measure or pilot performance. This research inventoried
the controlling practices of 60 listed companies in order to establish
the contribution of socio-economic management policy in expanding
the operational latitude of business controllers.

par Morad Mousli
Associate Lecturer
Groupe ESC Clermont


Exploring the relationship between CSR and
innovation: A comparison between small and largesized French companies

Résumé :

This paper explores the relationship between Corporate Social
Responsibility (CSR) and innovation and seeks to identify potential
specificities related to small-sized companies. We analyze the
complementarities between stakeholder and social capital theories on
the one hand, and strategic management and evolutionary theories on
the other hand, in order to determine whether and how CSR practices
can lead to technological innovation. Seven French case studies show
that, contrary to theoretical predictions, large companies are not the
only ones that can create value through innovation driven by strategic
(and formal) CSR. Indeed, small companies can also introduce
radical innovation based on their CSR involvement.

par Rachel Bocquet
Maître de Conférences
IREGE, Université de Savoie
Caroline Mothe
IREGE, Université de Savoie






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